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Ensuring every child with disability prospers to success through ‘Right to Play’

Our Belief

Play is the first form of learning for every child. Unfortunately, it is also the first form of exclusion for children with disabilities.

Umoya, loosely translating to ‘Spirit’, strongly rests on that very same philosophy that all children are same and Sports benefits everyone equally, disregarding their gender, (dis)ability, age, race or socio-economic backgrounds.

Play is a powerful tool through which children harness their innate curiosity, develop resilience, enhance communication, collaborate effectively, and hone their problem-solving abilities. It fosters self-awareness and bolsters confidence in their skills and capabilities. In today’s context, play and physical fitness have assumed heightened importance in the holistic growth of children, impacting their physical, mental, and social development. Importantly, play naturally nurtures an inclusive environment.

Sport for development plays a crucial role in advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, fostering connections, and creating an environment for inclusivity, growth, and peace.

I will win, but if I cannot win, I will be brave in the attempt – Special Olympics International


The Crisis

Only 1 in 5 children with disabilities (CwDs) worldwide get an opportunity to play with friends

80 million persons with disabilities (PwDs) in India, 10 million of which are children under the age of 19 (CwDs)

Over 70% of schools and parents have reported that a lack of participation for a CwD contributed to social isolation and lack of confidence

Over 70% of CwDs drop out of school

Over 70% of CwDs grow up to be unemployed

Our Approach

Umoya empowers children and individuals with and without Disabilities enabling them to lead an enriched life by equipping them with life skills such as teamwork, confidence, and critical thinking; providing  physical and mental well-being; and building an ‘Inclusive Culture’ through Sports and play-based education programs in schools and low-income communities.


children impacted through Umoya’s programs


teachers and parents trained across India


schools partnered for our direct intervention


medals won by our student athletes in various para and special sports events


Our Partners and Enablers

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